Vacancies available in Nettium Sdn Bhd

HR Consultant


We are bringing on a HR Consultant who is a people-lover that is result-oriented to champion new & innovative HR practices while simultaneously building the foundation in a fast growing IT software and services company with ambitions to grow regionally in the short-term, expand to Silicon Valley in the next 12 – 18 months and create BILLION dollar businesses in the longer term. We see this role as KEY to our success as the workplace itself is undergoing a tremendous shift FROM TRADITIONAL hierarchical structure TO LEADERSHIP-influence talent co-opt model, from command-control to self-direction, and from process-compliance to innovation-effectiveness.

You will need to have to ability to formulate and execute our HR strategy, display leadership qualities amidst constant changes and comfortable dealing with ambiguity in a fast pace environment as we grow the company from 200+ to 350+ staff within the next 12 months. You are able to bring together best practices from across the globe while co-opting fresh and exciting ideas internally to bring us to the forefront of innovation in people practices, especially amongst the energetic and outspoken Gen-Ys and Millenials.

To be successful in this role, you will need to instil a strong sense of values and culture, formulate aggressive recruiting strategy, drive employee engagement, develop innovative talent development and retention programs, and future-proofing the company with succession planning.


  • 7 years working experience in people related departments or programs, preferably in STARTUPS or high growth companies with a large Gen-Y workforce.

  • Demonstrable success in formulating and executing strategic HR growth or transformative programs with high energy level and perseverance to deliver intended results.

  • Active and conversant in using social media (and/or non-traditional channels) to recruit and engage future employees, foster staff communication and recognition, create awareness and brand building via word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Experienced in using industry benchmarks and best practices to formulate policies and initiatives, and drive decision-making.

  • Analytical and results-driven with creative problem-solving skills.