Vacancies available in Nettium Sdn Bhd

Platform Evangelist

The overall mission of the Platform Evangelist is to drive adoption while developing a healthy and sustainable platform ecosystem for the SelfDrvn platform. You do this by working closely with clients and prospects to drive interest and preference for our platforms

From a pre-sales perspective, you would need deeply understand client requirements and provide solutions that engender adoption, and to win the sale. You are likely to be a master at messaging with standard MS Powerpoint and Word, and will work closely with the Sales Director, the CMO, and also the CEO.

From a post-sales perspective, you are likely to be organizing client education events on a regular basis, and to translate clients’ experiences with using SelfDrvn into content and insights in the form of standard practices, Do’s & Don’ts, and example content. After which, you would be instructing clients either on a site visit or through events, presenting your insights in public. You are in your element doing public presentations and fielding questions. For this stream, you will work closely with the customer success team and the marketing team.

From an evangelism perspective, you will represent SelfDrvn for selected events, trade-shows, road-shows, forums, and conferences. You are expected to convince different publics as to the value, utility and fit of SelfDrvn solutions. You are the voice and ambassador of the company for such events.

More importantly, you must be passionate about evangelising ‘workplace happiness.’ At SelfDrvn, our basic premise is that how businesses organize themselves to manage human resources is due for transformation. We sincerely aspire to bring human happiness and engagement to the workplace, and not just for profits and productivity, but for the benefit and well-being of the world’s workforces. You need to share our passion for this mission, which transcends profits to provide purpose and meaning to everything we do.

You are expected to quickly get good at understanding the fields of human resource engagement, people and workforce analytics, performance management, gamification, and workplace social media. You will get good at understanding the competitive environment that SelfDrvn operates in, and to always be able to put a case for adopting SelfDrvn no matter the competition.

 Candidate Profile:

If you’re currently a technical evangelist, we welcome you to apply. If you’re not currently an evangelist, but have a strong background in pre-sales, B2B sales, customer success, customer education, and feel that you want to take the step up, you’re welcome to apply too.

The position requires exquisite communication skills, and you must be able to write and present persuasively. You would have likely made too many presentations and pitches in your career to remember how many. You undertand the nuances and complexities of B2B sales, and for this reason, you are highly unlikely to be a junior person.

Your candidacy would be greatly boosted if you can write long form content such as blogs, articles and whitepapers. A resume of published content would be especially valued.

From a temperament perspective, your natural tendency is to reach out and make connections. You are open, optimistic, does not get angry easily, and respectful even when provoked. Above all, you are constantly learning.